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  Asics Onitsuka Tiger Shoes Sizing Conversion Chart

If you would like to find out if a particular model of Onitsuka Tiger  runs small, large or fits true to size please read my other guide.
MENS US size 4; WOMENS US size 5.5; CM 22.5; EURO 36

  MENS US size 4.5; WOMENS US size 6; CM 23; EURO 37

|MENS US size 5; WOMENS US size 6.5; CM 23.5; EURO 37.5

MENS US size 5.5; WOMENS US size 7; CM 24; EURO 38

MENS US size 6; WOMENS US size 7.5; CM 24.5; EURO 39

MENS US size 6.5; WOMENS US size 8; CM 25; EURO 39.5

MENS US size 7; WOMENS US size 8.5; CM 25.5; EURO 40

MENS US size 7.5; WOMENS US size 9; EURO 40.5

MENS US size 8; WOMENS US size 9.5; CM 26; EURO 41.5

MENS US size 8.5; WOMENS US size 10; CM 26.5; EURO 42

MENS US 9; US WOMEN'S 10.5; CM 27; EURO 42.5

  MENS US size 9.5; WOMENS US size 11; CM 27.5; EURO 43.5

MENS US size 10; WOMENS US size 11.5; CM 28 EURO 44  

MENS US size 10.5; WOMENS US size 12;  EURO 44.5

MENS US size 11; WOMENS US size 12.5; CM 28.5; EURO 45

  MENS US size 11.5; WOMENS US size 13; CM 29; EURO 46

MENS US size 12; WOMENS US size 13.5; CM 29.5; EURO 46.5

MENS US size 12.5; WOMENS US size 14; CM 30; EURO 47

MENS US size 13; WOMENS US size 14.5; CM 30.5; EURO 48

MENS US size 14; WOMENS US size 15.5; CM 31; EURO 49

To convert inches to centimeters, multiply inches by 2.54
CM is Japanese shoe scale and doesn't apply to length of the outsole.

US men's size 7.5 (women's 9) and US men's size 10.5 are 'critical' in conversion to CM and Asics usually does not provide measurement for those two sizes in this scale. You can only assume that men's  US size 7.5 has 25.75 CM and men's size 10.5 - 28.25 CM.

How to convert men's to women's shoe sizes?
Generally, converting men's to women's shoe sizes is an easy-to-remember rule of thumb. You should subtract approximately one-and-one-half sizes from your US women's size to find the appropriate shoe in US men's size. For example, if you wear a size 10 US in women's shoes, you would most likely need a size 8.5 US in men's shoes.

How to convert US men's to UK / AUSTRALIA  men's shoe sizes?
UK men's size is one point smaller. For example US men's size 11 is UK / AU mens 10.

You might also use this scale to convert size from inches, milliliters or any shoe scale:

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