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Buying a tig welder to meet your needs and your budget can be very frustrating.  Tig welding is the slowest, but most precise and most controllable form of welding. Miller, and Lincoln  welders are both offered in our EBay store, link below. I will attempt o give brief, yet informative information to aid you in buying a tig welder. All items mentioned are available in our EBay store, link below.

There are basically 2 types of tig welder, rectifier, most common for many many years and inverters, new to market in past 15 years, but the fastest growing segment. A rectifier welder uses a transformer or coils to generate welding current. An inverter uses circuit boards to accomplish this.  Rectifiers, especially in the larger size can be power mongers, while inverters accomplish the same job on far less power. I will try to explain each level of tig welders divide in what I consider the best way. While any tig welder can also stick weld, and any stick welder can tig weld, the many options on tig welders make it much easier. Tig welders use many more types of consumables than other forms of welding. Each size of tungsten uses a different tig collet and collet body. While all the consumables are fairly inexpensive, you will have many if your a serious tig welder. Many different types of tungsten now offered, we offer 5 types in our EBay store.  I strongly suggest hand control for out of position welding and foot control for bench work. Foot control is much more precise.  Welding without a hand or foot control means all adjustments have to be made at the welder. Water cooled tig torches are usually used for 1 of 3 reasons. Over 200 amps or if welding many hours straight to keep torch cool enough to hold onto. Or many prefer the water cooled torches as they are a little smaller in size.

1.    Small Inverter tig welders 110-230v

      While many of these can operate on 110 volt or 230 volt,  230 volt generally gives you the better weld and more control over weld bead. The Thermal Arc 85 is offered in our store with  stick and tig options. This is a very basic welder. 85 amps of welding power. This is 110 volt only.  Scratch start tig, means no remote control, hand or foot can be added. Not a bad choice for around the home or as a portable emergency tig welder. It is DC only so will only weld steel and stainless steel in tig mode. You can use stick aluminum electrode for aluminum.  The Miller Maxstar 140 series is offered in 5 different packages. As a stick welder only, (no remote hookup) and as a stick welder with case.  Also as a tig welder (remote capable), with stick options only, with tig options, with tig options and case and with all options case and remote hand control. Again this is DC only so no aluminum tig welding.  Excellent for around the home or where small portable welder would be useful as in HVAC and restaurant repair. Also excellent for auto body sheet metal repair. The Maxstar will operate on 110v or 230v. Tig welders are NOT rated for thickness capabilities like mig welders are. Too many variables, such as tungsten, gas etc. We now offer the ESAB Heliarc 161,  AC/DC tig at an affordable price.    MILLER----    DIVERSION 165  907005 AC/DC TIG WELDER   GOT GREAT REVIEWS ALL DURING FIELD TESTS.  YES WE HAVE IN STOCK   We will have the Miller Diversion 180 907460 in stock   NOW  on EBAY.   Diversion 180comes with MVP plugs for 120v or 230v operation.


We will also be offering the Thermal Arc Dragster 95 in both stick and tig version.  Great light weight stick or tig welder for the Hobbyist.  Again, quality at bargain prices.

2.   Larger Inverter Tig Welders 110-460v

     The Miller Dynasty 200DX and Lincoln Invertec 205T, both offered in our EBay store are now becoming our biggest sellers. Both have so much control over the arc that you will be astounded. The Lincoln Invertec 205T will operate off 110V-230V 50/60 hz single pz. The Miller Dynasty 200DX will operate off 110-575v 50/60HZ 1/3 phase, that's right any power, anywhere in the world.  Both have pulser included.  We list the Dynasty 200DX in several different packages, read the listings carefully.  We also offer the Dynasty 350DX Tig Runner w/torch as complete water cooled set-up for those that need more amps.  It also operates off any power from 208V-575V, 50/60 hz 1/3 phz.  New Miller Dynasty 700DX and complete maxstar line offered on Ebay or we can get for you. The 200DX and the Invertec 205T ARE MY RECOMMENDATION FOR 1/4" AND UNDER TIG WELDING. 

3.    Rectifier (transformer) Tig Welders

      These have been the standard for many years. Still as reliable as ever, but fast being replaced by the power conserving Inverters. 

The Miller Econotig is a very good entry level tig and stick welder.  Has been very reliable for many years. It is AC/DC so it can do all metals. We list as a complete package, no cart or running gear really offered by Miller at reasonable price. Excellant for home or small shop use.  Weighs 150 lbs so not very portable.

Next we have the Lincoln Precison  Precision Tig 225).  All offered with or without cart. I feel a cart is the best selection as they are very heavy, cart holds gas cylinder, and has a drawer to hold consumables.  Between these models, I think there is little difference, except a few amps. All have built in pulsers. You will need 60 amp circuit for the Syncrowave 200,   50 amp for the Precision Tig 225, which has some Inverter technology to lower power needs. These are excellant welders for 3/16" and under welding of all metals.  All sold as complete units. Good for home, shop or production welding. Probably a tose up as to which is best, as all are very reliable and built very well.  Have sold many of the Precision Tig 185, a lot of the New Miller Syncrowave 200 and a few of the even newer Precision Tig 225. Might lean towards the precision Tig 225 as it does have some inverter technology that reduces power needs and adds precision to controls.

The Miller Syncrowave 250 with built in cooler and the Lincoln precision Tig 275 with under carriage cooler again are very equal. We sell about equal numbers of each. Lincoln has a few more available amps. Both have very high Power requirements. Both require 100 amp circuits if you do not purchase power factor corrector and to use at top end of output.. This can be reduced some by adding optional  power factor correction, but sill need a lot of power. Again we list with complete watercooled package and torches only.

Please use the link at top of listing to visit our EBay store. All listings have phone number if you need any further information. Every listing has link to manufacturers spec page for that model, use it as a lot of good information is there.

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