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Beware of those cheap Chinese made metal sax mouthpieces!

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You will see inexpensive metal sax mouthpieces sold on ebay.  I bought a couple from someone stateside, but you also see the same items coming from China.  They are cheap Chinese knock-offs of well known brands.  As a matter of fact, you may even see some ebay ads come up around this article showing some of the very same sort of mouthpieces!
They claim to be silver or gold plated, but the plating on mine was really a form of metallic looking plastic coating.  The so called "plating" peeled off of mine when I put on a mouthpiece pad and then tried to reposition it.  I was shocked to have the plating peel off and find out it was not even metal plating!
I got no response at all from the seller.  By the way, the ones I got, one silver and one gold, both played very flat on my tenor sax.  Fortunately, I have a C melody, and they played in pitch on that and gave it a jazzier sound.  That is the only positive thing about them.
So buyer beware!  These are being sold absolutely falsely advertised.  A silvery looking plastic plating is not a silver plating! And all that glitters is not gold!

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