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I'd like to describe some features of the Bose Wave Music System with CD Player.


First of all, please note:

A brand new Graphite Bose Wave Music System from Bose is only $499. (12-03-06)


The cost for the new unit is not much more than the cost of most used units on auction. Here is some things that you should know. If it does not have a front loading CD slot, then it is an old model Bose Wave Radio. The older obsolete models load from the top, instead of the front. Several seller's of the old used models are asking around $300-$425. Don't be consumed by the brand name, know the facts before you buy. Would you want to buy an outdated Tandy computer to browse the internet with? Just to save a hundred dollars or two? Maybe you didn't know that their was different models of the Bose Wave system? This guide is for you!


The older model most likely has no warranty, as compared to new!

Most of the older used models can not be returned for refund, as compared to new!

The older model is not nearly as loud as the newer models!

Volume 50 on the older model are appx. the same as 30 on the newer model.

Old models load the CD from the top, and must be tabletop.

The newer model version with front loading CD can be mounted under a cabinet!

The older version can not play MP3, as compared to the newer!

You can not buy the CD changer for old top load models, only newer front loading models!



Let's recap.. With a newer model you get the louder improved model, upgradeable with a CD changer option, undercabinet mount option, warranty.. etc.. is the price difference really worth buying the old used, maybe abused, obsolete top loading CD model?? I don't want to deter you from an old system. I would buy an old system myself. Just trying to provide the facts to a fair assesment of the older systems value as compared to new.

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