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DAVID MANN EASYRIDERS GUIDE AND INFORMATION , there are hundreds of choices of great David Mann art, find that old favorite or new one that connects, making a unique special piece you dont see everywhere. Have fun and explore where there available , not just a picture. All the pictures you see in my store and hear are the actual one you can own for a fair price. Welcome to Guide.# 1 


Updated November 2007

Hello, the purpose of my guide is to inform on David Mann and Easyriders Back issues that I sell on ebay. Share some basic honest information to help you feel comfortable to know what your buying and help you find what your looking for. . So to that spirit I will share basic info to hopefully help you find what your looking for, even if I dont have it. Belive it or not, I get a good feeling directing or helping someone find that one David Mann piece that connected with them. And people there are hundreds of great pieces spanning over 3 decades to enjoy and explore.   The link below is to the items that are avaiable, allot are the only ones I have,  check em out !


 Im not going to go into his life story there is plent of info on that from the people who new him and worked with him. I recommend any thing published by Easyriders is a trusted and original sorce for David Mann. I will just focus on what I have to offer and let the artist say it all in his hundreds of motorcycle masterpieces of his evolution as a artist , a reflection of the time period as well as a painted history of evolution of custom motorcycles.

Are centerpages from old biker magazines a creditable form of art and is it a investment ?   Heres a thought to ponder based on where the general pulse of items and value can give some insight to things and changes in the near future. A 1972 issue of Easyriders, the 3rd issue , sold for 300 dollars!! The centerpages below were as countless others only available as that centerpage. No spin offs, the original and the center, period. Centerpages are actual debuts of classics by the publisher, first time ever viewed !! A issue of Easyriders from 1983 is a actual debut of Ghostrider, first time ever seen, over 20 years old. Im sharing some real facts here, you can make your own choice. Just remember who told you first.

 David Mann from his first centerpage, Frisco Nights. Davids work in the early years really shows the evolution and deadication to the style, detail and beyond that by 75 was in a league of his own, Run Heat is a masterpiece from that year that takes his artistic talents and adds life experience with a connection to it never done or can seeing how things change. Other center pull outs in magazines been around a long time before Easyriders but   Centerpages, especially early Easyriders were in my opinon  Davids legendary Masterpieces,  like the Beatles Sgt Pepper, The Whos Tommy, Whos Next and Quadrophenia, They just have the magic that dont fade.

. Another fact about centerart is alot of great pieces were only available on that medium besides the original.  January 79 is a example of special extra leaf pull out known as the 4 seasons, showing  bikers on custom bikes as all 4 seasons mesh. Just one of many that any one who enjoys, collects dose not at least explore is missing alot of great Mann Art.

The ORIGINAL EASYRIDERS VINTAGE DAVID MANN CENTERS in my store are not just digital pictures offering downloads and copies which are copyrighted and really exploiting the artist and Easyriders who made it available by work, vision and effort to publish some really cool stuff no one else would or did.  What you see of the hundreds of Mann monthly centers in the above link to the actual debut of pieces the year they were first viewed.  

Until the internett finding a center you enjoyed in your life that got trashed was a Sherlock Holmes type of ordeal, when Easyriders sold out a back issue, you were out of luck without a fair amount of effort, thats where I come in and have been attempts to copy my formatt but lacks the number, the quality and educated answers and guidence to you , if needed to help you find what you wanted. You have to be into it , and its still more then meets the eye.

 EARLY DAVID MANN or this 1978 Mann Classic " Holland"

So shop and grab some great scooter art that you dont see everywhere and radiates with the real portrait of the American Biker lifestyle and not narrow minded picture portrayed by the mainstream media fueled by big brother, just like it still is. Really.

Enjoy, I hope part 1 of David Mann Guide opened you to the medium that made him known the world over. All my centers are mounted to matt board or foam board using artist adhesive (expensive, but works great and dont bleed the colors or yellow).

The next guide is Art books, Limited Editions and Bonus Packages, to be added to Guides soon. Thanks for intrest and being blessed with good taste. Thanks to Easyriders and David Mann ,  Spider , Hal and the rest for creating some great sic issues and the balls to publish it  Those three have moved to higher highways, there genius and talents are alive and well in ...The cleanest, best condition, completeVINTAGE ISSUES EASYRIDERS.

thanks for reading I hope it was a little helpful. Good Luck in your search.

All items I sell are the original publication of the publisher, there are or would never be anything copied with out permission. All are copyright to the publisher.

happy holidays


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