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Living each day of my life with serious back problems has presented many challenges.  With a large spinal fusion from T9 - L3, or approximately between my shoulders to my waist, I give metal detectors the opportunity to send out shrill alarms from the titanium rods and the 4 large pedicle screws that holds my center spine in one fused portion.  One of my close friends suggested I try a pair of Dansko clogs, at that time all Dansko clogs were being manufactured by Sanita in their Poland and Denmark factories.  I couldn't imagine a pair of clogs helping with my painful problems but figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying them.  At this point, I'd also developed knee pain from patellas that aren't centered, something I was born with, but causes the ligaments and tendons to wear and eventually requires surgical intervention. I'd had the right knee "rebuilt" in an effort to stall a knee replacement for as long as possible. To add further insult, the knee "shut down" one morning as I was walking to the car, causing me to fall and break my right leg and crushed the bone going into my big toe. Now I had to deal with foot problems as well as the knees and the back!  I purchased the first pair of clogs, a beautiful claret red patent leather which suited my sassy personality perfectly.  After wearing them the first week I was absolutely amazed.  Of course, at first I thought it just might be a "good week", but as time went by there was absolutely no doubt, the Dansko and Sanita clogs have given me great help.  My ability to walk, stand, shop, do daily things...  my pain levels weren't nearly as debilitating as was often the case, especially on cold, wet days and even late in the day when that old pain monster loves to rear its ugly head.  I tested the benefits by wearing a good pair of cross trainer athletic shoes for a few days and not my beloved clogs.... the difference was incredible and the pain levels were a nightmare, especially the right foot from the break. The clogs keep my foot in a neutral and correct position with absolutely no strain on the injured parts. I'm one who has been through 3 podiatric surgeries from two fractures and wearing the wrong kind of shoes while working on my feet for many years prior to the catastrophic back problems.  I have absolutely NO FOOT PAIN while wearing these fantastic clogs... and on those rare occasions when I must wear dress shoes, however briefly, my feet let me know about it IMMEDIATELY!  The structure of the clog makes your posture in a more "correct" stance, my knees aren't sore and grinding, although I still deal with back pain, the clogs make a huge difference in the intensity.  I still have days when I deal with pain, that is just a part of my life that will be there forever, but I rarely wear anything else but my Dansko and Sanita clogs.  If you have back, knee, hip, or foot problems.... I cannot recommend them enough. We even built a special closet just for my many colors of clogs as I really enjoy the unusual colors and styles.  They are worth every penny and more, I only wish I had found them a few years earlier. 

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