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Support our Troops and Military Families with COUPONS, even EXPIRED COUPONS! You can help Military Families stationed overseas stretch their budgets by donating manufacturer's coupons to help them save money on everyday items.

Here in the U.S. it's easy, we get our weekly newspapers stuffed with money saving coupons and can choose to use them or not. This is not true for our military families stationed overseas. Stateside we have vast resources to obtain and collect coupons to save us money on groceries, diapers, formula, cleaning supplies, health and beauty aids, pet food and more.

Many times families stationed overseas live on a limited income as there are few jobs available for spouses on base, and working off base can be difficult due to language barriers. Additionally, our military families stationed in countries where the currency exchange rate off base is better than the dollar, makes their limited amount of money not stretch as far as it would here in the U.S.

We can help by simply clipping coupons and sending them directly to the bases where they can be made available to military families. This may seem like a small gesture, but this money adds up quickly. Coupons, both current and expired can be used at the Commissary (military grocery store) and in some cases at the Exchanges - BX (Air Force), PX (Army), NEX (Navy), MCX (Marine Corps) and CGX (Coast Guard). Exchanges are similar to a department store on base.


Coupon tips you need to know

  1. Coupons can be current or up to six months past the manufacturer's expiration date. It is better not to send them more than two months expired so there is enough time to process them through the mail and put them to good use. Keep in mind overseas mail can take several weeks to arrive.
  2. There is no minimum or maximum donation size, just donate! Please know that this type of donation is not tax deductible. It is however, patriotic and may score you some good deed brownie points.
  3. Coupons must be clipped to size. This saves on postage and helps with the sorting process. Be careful not to over clip and cut off any part of the barcode or title bar that reads: "Manufacturer Coupon" and expiration date. Keep these in tact or they may be deemed invalid.
  4. Acceptable coupons include: Coupons labeled "Manufacturer Coupon". They may come from newspapers, magazines, in-store tear pads, select internet printables, etc., as long as they read "Manufacturer Coupon".
  5. Unacceptable coupons are: Restaurant coupons, store specific coupons (Target, Walgreens, etc.), food stamps and vouchers.


How do you get your coupons to Military bases?

  • You can adopt your own military base. You will need to follow a few simple steps. Coupons must be sorted into "Food" and "Non-Food" categories. Food is considered anything humans eat or drink, including gum and mints. Non-Food is everything else, including vitamins and pet food. Separate your Food from Non-Food coupons into envelopes or zip up baggies and clearly label each, "Food" / "Non-Food". If you want to take an extra step to separate Baby Food and Baby Non-Food into labeled envelopes you can, however it is not necessary. Check out the Overseas Coupon Program online for complete details and base adoption opportunities.
  • You can also visit my Coupons for the Troops eBay store page for more information. I personally send over $500 in manufacturer's coupons every month. It's easy and I love doing it!


Let's work together and Support our Troops

This is an easy, cost effective way to give a little back. So call your friends, your kids, your willing family members and get clipping. It will be a fun gathering for you, and by working together we can show our appreciation to all our American Heroes in foreign lands.


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