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Most counterfeiters, especially China sellers and those "wholesale" from China will mislead you with photos of the authentic bags. This can be a trick! Always check your bag after you receive from the seller!  Check details of the bag to see what you received, is the real thing. The advice here is my own personal opinions, I am not with Longchamp company. Happy shopping!

Pliage Bags
The Pliage style totes are copied most. I see fake purses, tote bags, cosmetic pouches, and coin purses. Please notice, this guide is not for authenticating bags not in regular Les Pliages line (not to Planetes, limited edition Pliage bags or the leather bags). I have here pictures of 2 bags. The fake is to left, the real deal to right. Sorry photos are blurry....


Right away, notice left bag looks shiny and the handles don't look right: too short for long handles variant, and too long for short-handles variant.

Before buying, read the dimensions, check measurements, then compare with official Longchamp website. Longchamp new colours of the canvas bags 2 times a year (for fall-winter and the spring-summer) but the leather trimming is same always.

There is contrast stitching on the leather parts of the bag, which is a different colour than the leather itself on the visible side (and same colour as the leather on the back of the flap). Many Pliages I have seen have plastic tubes in the handles, because the leather is soft and not very durable. Real Pliages have no plastic tubes and are made from durable, high-quality leather.

The fake leather looks like a fish-scale pattern, with clean lines of even depth.Sometimes it looks smooth or bumpy. On authentic bag, it is a diamond pattern, and grain is not embossed as deeply as the logo.

Leather Flap

An authentic bag has a jockey logo embossed on both the leather AND the snap. If there is no logo at all..... warning!!!

OLD LOGO (shown above) There is a jockey on a horse impressed down into the leather, and a straight line underneath. On knock-off, the logo is not centered above the snap, the lines of the impression are not as clean as on the real, and the horse is missing details like hooves.

NEW LOGO (not pictured) Longchamp has introduced a new logo on the leather flap,though on my most recent trip to the shop they had the same bags with different versions of the logos. The new logo has the jockey and horse embossed, so the logo is raised up above the leather. There is _no_ line underneath, and if you look at the back side of the flap there will be a mark where the logo is raised.

Bag above is real. The back of the flap has writing above the stitching. This may vary from bag to bag. On my "shopping" totes the words modèle déposé and made in france are between the lines of stitches, by the arrow. Longchamp, Pliages and the name of the bag are above.

Among real bags, there are variants. On a sac-a-dos, the writing is can be all above the seams. Some say Pliages, some say Le Pliage.. Longchamp does not make all bags in France. Some Pliage are made in China.

Model Name
On my fake, the words modèle déposé are missing the accent marks. In any case, I think you have a fake for sure if the name printed on the back flap does not agree with actual model or it just says the word "type" but not _which_ type:
    sac a dos - backpack
    type L - large tote, short handles
    type M - medium-large tote, short handles
    type S - small tote
    "shopping" - large tote, long handles; medium tote long handles
    cabas - rectangular, no zipper

Reinforced Snaps

An easy one! Real bags have their snaps reinforced with clear plastic discs that extend beyond snaps on the inside of bag. Foldable Pliages have snaps near the bottom also.

Fabric and Lining
Bags should have crisp seams, and perhaps creases from original folding. Your bag should fold up nice and 2 parts of the snap meet easy. The fabric on fakes I saw is shiny and texture is much smoother compared with real. If a bag looks too shiny in a photo (see highest photo), you may want to double-check it's other features.

Inside the plastic coating that lines the bag feels like plastic but not rubber. For pastel bags (light blue, pink, e.t.c.), lining should be WHITE, not same color as outside. The tan fake above is lined in tan, when it should be white. Dark colors are lined with black or brown.

Zipper Pull

Longchamp Pliages have round logo zipper pulls, which can be gold or pewter depending on what shape the bag is. Real one is super detailed, and on the fake the body of the jockey and the horse blend together. Longchamp currently use YKK zippers, and you can see the letters on the zipper above.

Backside of Flap

Fake bag leather looks hairy and the edges jagged. Real one is also raw but is smooth and clean. On the snap itself, the fake has the words "guang tong" and real says, ORIGINAL.

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