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This regularly comes to my attention so I thought I’d write a step by step informative review for everyone on the process of buying multiple items from the same seller. Please, print these directions out if necessary. If you don't already have a paypal account please set one up before proceeding.

First click the “Buy it now” (blue button) for the product you want to buy from the chosen seller. You’ll have the option of clicking the Commit to Buy (gray button). Verify that you agree to the price and shipping totals. In the next screen you’ll receive a “Congrats, you just bought this item” message. Next, you’ll have the option of “Pay Now” (gray button) or “Visit Seller’s Store” (blue link). Click visit sellers store to buy more items from that same seller. If that does not work and it takes you to the Ebay home page, click the back button your browser and find the visit sellers store on the button of the Congrats, you just bought this item page. This link will be in blue and it is located on the bottom in the middle of the page. Look for the Header “What else can you do?” and upon clicking it, you will be sent to the sellers store page. When you find the second item you want to buy click the Buy it Now (blue button). Then, click the gray commit to buy button. Continue this process until you have purchased all the items you want to buy from this seller. After selecting your last item choose the gray “Pay Now” button. You’ll see an invoice with your shipping address that you can change by selecting the blue change link. You’ll see the items and quantity of items you want to purchase and you have the option of sending the seller a message. In the bottom left hand side you’ll see a small yellow + sign with the options of sending a message to (store name/seller). Click the add message button if you wish to do so. You’ll see your total price and on the bottom right you’ll see the “Continue” (blue button). Click this to proceed. You will be asked to sign into your PayPal account at this point. You will also see the total price for your purchase on the top right hand side. PayPal is a secure way of paying for your Ebay purchases and it’s the only way for most items. (Thanks Ebay, sarcastically). Now is the time to create a PayPal account if you don’t have one. If you have one log into your account. Next, you will see two “Confirm payment “ (blue buttons). One on the top and another on the right hand side of the page. Click Confirm payment. Congratulations you’re done. You will see the Thank you for your payment screen. You can now sit happily while you await your items.

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