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My instructions are meant to Provide a Permanent Solution.. Though, There is No Way To Say ANY Laptop Will Hold Up 100% Forever... That is
Just Impossible to do... Every Laptop Is Different and Has Different Degrees Of Video/GPU Failure...As All The Same have Different Degrees
Of Thermal "Wear".  Promising that Every Single Laptop That Gets A Proper Reflow Will Run Forever - Is Simply Not Possible...


The Whole Reason for the Doubt Of A Reflow's Longevity - I Solely Blame On YouTube And It's Mass Amounts Of People Doing "wrong" Reflows... Which
all stems from Some "kid" that Did one on his XBOX and Since it help up for a few days.. Many More Tried,.. And Made Videos Of it.. None of
these People Actually Knowing What they were doing and/or why they were doing what they are doing.... So DIfferent Variations Spawned and
People Were Sticking the Motherboards In Ovens, Using Torches, Using Hair Dryers.. And More ... And It's These "knuckleheads" That
Gave "REFLOWING" A Bad Name...


Reflowing A BGA Chip is a Science... There Are Certain Reasons For Every Step Of The Reflow (to which I Reveal In Purchase), And It Has To Be
Precicely Done a Certain way Or Future Immediate Failure Is inevitable..  Reflowing is Based on Science and Physics, which are both taken
into account during my Proccess. Natural Thermal Expansion and Contraction Of Any Tangable Material When Over Exposed to a Heat Source Has To Be
accounted for when Reflowing and Reaching the Extreme heat temperatures needed to Melt Lead and Lead Free Solder.. which is why YouTube Fixes,
Hair Dryer Fixes, Penny (ground down) Fixes and Similar.. don't work...


I have been Reflowing BGA Chips Since 1993, LONG before YOUtube even existed...  And LONG before Any of these NON Working methods/Attempts Came
to be on the internet....I Only Recently Have Begun To Sell My Instructions/Method Publicly Due to the vast amounts of WRONG Reflow Instructionals
I've come accross, and Feel The Need to Help Educate And Instruct The Public, The World, on The Proper Method.  I have Provided Instructions WorldWide And To
Schools and Corporations On My Patented/Trademarked/Copyrighted Method, and Is Currently Being Used World-Wide  as a Cost Effective Repair
Solution, Sometimes Favorable to Expensive REWORK Stations, Due To Its Convenience Of Tools Needed to Repair and It's Stability Upon Successful
Completion of the Reflow Repair As Compared to An Infrared/Or Hot Air Rework Reflow Station.

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