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Made with a cast aluminum body, lightweight, & with it's own black carrying case that carried the machine, manual, buttonholer & accessory kit, the Singer 222k Featherweight Sewing Machine was Singer's first portable free arm sewing machine, and a fantastic  machine at that! (222 & 222k are the same, some people just shorten the name by dropping the k, just like they do when describing the 221k Featherweight.) All Singer 222k Featherweight Sewing Machines were made in the Scotland factory, because the supervisors at the U.S.A. Singer factories thought it would be too expensive to make, and that not enough people would buy them, to make them profitable. Partially due to this fact, the prices for the 222 usually range from $500 on up to $1500, as this has become a very sought after collectible.

The 222's narrow free arm is the smallest free arm of all home sewing machines, making it very sought after for makers of doll & small children's clothing, as well as the favorite sewing machine for taking to sewing classes around the world. The free arm itself makes all sewing "in the round" easier, but there is the added value of the extension table that can be secured around the free arm, providing a large work area that is extremely useful for quilting & other large sewing projects.

There are a few extra special versions of the 222k, each of which fetch slightly higher prices, depending on who wants them. There is the Centennial version, which includes a bright blue & gold emblem plaque in place of the standard gold, or gold & black Singer Emblem, then there is the Red S series, which simply has a large red S on the gold emblem plaque, and I believe there was one or two other special emblem plaques, for different world fair's, or other such celebrations. I will try to make any additions or corrections to this guide as I collect more information.

The Featherweights had several different variations of cases, some with a tray at the top, some had a corduroy organizer for the attachments, attached to the lid, and many of them simply had a small tray that attaches to the left top of the case, some of those small trays were red plastic, some were black metal.

Attachment and accessory cases vary as well, the red S series typically had a cream colored buttonholer with red lettering which came in a red plastic case, while the red S attachments came in a red vinyl case.  The buttonholer cases included the instruction manual for the buttonholer as well. Most of the attachments came in the standard Singer green cardboard box

While the 222 is a lock stitch machine, and only sews a straight stitch, Singer did make several zig zag attachments that are great additions to your 222 sewing kit, both of the zig zag stitch only type, and the zig zag decorative embroidery type, that had 12 different cams available for various decorative embroidery stitches, including the arrow, icicle, brick wall, bead, scallop stitches & many more fun & creative stitches.

Features of the 222k-

Adjustable length straight stitch

Feed dog raise & lowering mechanism for darning & freehand embroidery (no plate needed!)

Built in reverse

free arm

fold up extension work table

automatic buttonholer




darning & embroidery foot 

large & small screw driver

oil can

narrow hem foot 

shirring foot

manual for machine & attachments


Optional accessories to use with the 222k-

zig zag attachment #

zig zag embroidery attachment #

professional buttonholer #

hemstitcher & picot attachment #

"penguin" walking foot #

Singer Two Thread Embroidery Attachment #35505

Singer One Thread Embroidery Attachment #

Singer fagotter #

Singer craft attachment #


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