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Collect what you want, the way you want, and in the conditon you want. My personal advice would be to learn about stamps( become a philaelist instead or in addition to being a collector). Many good books exsist on stamps but most people don't research them or spend money on literature . At least become aware of what books exsist if you can and then proceed as you please. Some collector appreciating rarity,some appreciating the stamps for the topics, some for the varieties.Each has it's own appeal so do as you please. Recieving a weekly stamp paper (Linn's is the largest US paper) can add to your colecting enjoyment. Also joining a society (the AMERICAN PHILATEIC SOCIETY is he largest in the US and publishes a monthly jornal) can open up doors of enjoyment. A catalogue supplies pricing and other invaluable information about the stamps and is usually very adviseable. Note many countries have there own catalogue publishers and each has different information . Scott's catalogue is most often used in the United States , Michel in Germany, Facit in Scandinavia etc. A review of the various catalogues might add a depth to you enjoyment since they each have addtional information.

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