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Are you ready for the 90s? Are you ready to enter a time of insanity? Desert Shield is about to become Desert Storm. The World Trade Center is about to be attacked for the first time in history with a failed attempt by Al-Qaeda. Teen youth is idolizing a guitar playing junkie strung out on heroine who does not want to be famous. Michael is getting accused of indecency with children, O.J. is running from the cops, and Madonna is going to show the world she can be a slut, a saint and a mom all within a ten year period! It gets worse with Ninja Turtles! Turtle variants are going out of control! Stupid figures are now being made! So grab your Psycho Sai, stuff it in your Storage Shell, hop on your Turbo-charged Sewer Skateboard and lets ride baby! Cause it doesn't get anymore crazy than this!

Let us first get through some of the simple variations of figures-

Mondo Gecko- Knee pad on right leg has been red, and one is uncommon.
Scumbug- Boot that is green and one that is is uncommon.
Panda Khan- Light face, grey face...Grey face seems uncommon, but this could be a more heavily painted face from the factory.
Napoleon Bonafrog- Tan version, dark tan version...the dark tan version is very uncommon, and the peace necklace on this one is typically painted pink instead of green like its less tan counterpart.

OK, now that all that is out of the way. We will work our way from least interesting to the most interesting.

Ray Fillet-

There are 4 versions of Ray Fillet. The first one is is yellow chested with a blue V. Another has a red chest with a purple V on it. A red chested version with a purple V with color change, and a purple chested version with a red V on it with color change. I have sold many a Ray Fillet!  Ray Fillet is a fairly common figure(harder to find one that does not have broken crotch joint syndrome). I sold probably all variations to the point where I realized, it was fairly pointless to place an ideal value on ol' Ray. In my findings, there seems to be no difference in rarity, except, that it is rare to find one that has escaped Playmates fragile internal figure mechanics. Way to go Playmates! Lets make a figure that can go into water, become even more brittle and break!

I think my guide is starting to turn into a review....

Storage Shell Donatello-

So, your common storage shell turtles came with a belt that matched the color of their bandana. Most of them came with light brown accessories. Not always the case! There are very rare Storage Shell turtles that came with black belts, and transparent colored accessories! Just the other day, a set of these for Storage Shell Mike arrived. 3 of his accessories, all of them transparent blue! His belt, like the colored one, but black as tar! Until recently as of June of 2012, I got to behold these parts for the first time, and own them! They now rest in my collection of coarse.


We finally end our 1990 journey with Slash! A really cool mean looking villain figure, but a completely moronic cartoon character. The Ninja Turtles cartoon really degraded Slash, made him look so uncool! Now that was unnecessary! There were 2 variations of Slash made, and 3 different belts.

Slash- Black Belt, Orchre-Yellow belly-common
Slash- Purple Belt w Yellow S, Orchre- Yellow belly-rare
Slash-Purple Belt w Red S- Yellow belly-very rare

So that raps it up for 1990! As I said earlier, Ninja Turtles are about to get stupid with sports turtles, western turtles, turtles that shoot pizzas(but it helped me make a good store logo-yuk yuk), and the worst of them all, birthday turtles! Nothing worse than an over sized turtle in a clown suit coming at ya'! Or worse yet, a turtle magician who pulls a rabbit out its hat! Oooohhhh! A rabbit! Its gonna eat all of your carrots if you don't watch out! Raph the Magnificent could do us all one good magic trick! Make all the Birthday turtles disappear. 

However, don't feel "shredded" yet! Lets keep it "Rocksteady", cause we are about to journey to 1991! With any luck, I will not have to talk about those figures, because, well, most of those figures are just plain stupid.

< : D

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