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The Vending Machine Business: Start up is easier than you think!
Welcome to one of the most profitable businesses in the world – the vending machine business.
Currently, the vending machine business makes over $60 billion annually. Most of these vendors are
part timers who work only four to ten hours per week, but make an incredible amount of money in
their spare time.
Whether you're looking for a profitable business opportunity, want to start that home based
business, or just want some extra income without giving up a lot of your spare time, Soda Vending
Online can help. Soda Vending Online has been helping newcomers to the vending machine
business for years. We offer vending machines for a wide variety of applications including soda
vending machines, snack vending machines, candy vending machines, coffee vending machines,
and more. And each of our machines is backed by one of the most knowledgeable and helpful teams
in the industry.
A vending machine company equals success
A vending machine company often means success. The vending business has an impressive 90%
success rate. This is a far cry from the 85% failure rate of most businesses. Think about the
differences between a vending machine company and your average small business.
Many businesses fail due to lack of overhead for advertising costs, rent, and other expenses. And,
finding and retaining quality employees can also add to the list of problems. With a vending
machine company, your machines work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to
make money even while sleeping. What a way to earn CASH!
Corporate downsizing is sneaking up on everybody. Today, there is no job security, especially when
90% of us work for other people. The only way to get the "American Dream" is to be your own boss.
Starting a vending machine company lets you work smart not hard. "Success is 99% perspiration,
1% inspiration" - Albert Einstein.
Come join our family of successful vending business owners and see why Soda Vending Online has
made a difference!
The Vending Machine Business and its Many Benefits
The vending machine business is unlike any other industry. It allows an entrepreneur to start-up a
vending machine route with virtually no experience while giving the ability to work from home in an
all cash business. That's right! The vending machine business is an all cash business. There are
tremendous tax benefits and write off's for an all cash business.
Explore the possibilities with vending machine sales
In addition, there are benefits to a vending machine business that are seldom found in other types
of businesses, including:
• Immediate cash flow with no lean years (recession proof and depression proof).
• Income begins the very first day.
• All cash business (no bad checks, credit risks or accounts receivable).
• A year-round business (no seasonal fluctuations of income).
• $50 - $200 per hour income potential.
• Being your own boss.
• Variable hours with lots of time off.
• No personal selling required.
• No advertising costs.
• No overhead (no rent, utilities, etc. - work out of your own home instead of an expensive
• No employees to pay (no wages, F.I.C.A., unemployment or workman's compensation taxes,
• Consumable products are always in demand, offering repeat business.
• Merchandising through established businesses rather than a single location (all your eggs
are not in one basket).
• Start this business part-time and still keep your regular job, paycheck and benefits.
If you're interested in starting your own vending machine business, contact us today. We can help
you design your future plan of success with locating companies, telemarketing scripts, sample
proposals and sample contracts. THESE ARE ALL FREE OF CHARGE
Great Vending Machines Locations
Whether you're at the mall, the grocery store, a gas station or a barber shop, you won't miss a line
of candy machines, gumball machines, snack machines or soda machines. Have you ever
considered all of the places you can find vending machines? These vending machine locations are
just a few of the hundreds of possible locations to place your vending machines from Soda Vending
We use only professional vending machine locating services all over the country!
Waiting Areas
Equipment Rentals
Radio & TV Stations
Oil Lube Shops
Tire Repair Shops
Muffler Shops
Auto Parts Stores
Hardware Stores
Lumber Stores
Beauty Salons
Travel Agencies
Bus Depots
Barber Shops
Print Shops
Fishing Lodges
Video Stores
Auto Rentals
Auto Repair Shops
Auto Auctions
License Bureaus
Recreational Facilities
Ski Resorts
Game Rooms
Billiard Rooms
Club Houses
Small Business
Night Clubs
Real Estate Offices
Souvenir Shops
Office Supply Stores
Attorney Offices
Skating Rinks
Sports Centers
Assembly Shops
Car Washes
Machine Shops
Telemarketing Offices
Teen Clubs
Miniature Golf
Service Stations
Fire Stations
Pawn Shops
Day Care Centers
Tanning Salons
Fitness Centers
Golf Courses
Large Business
Bowling Lanes
Industrial Areas
Office Complexes
Department Stores
Car Dealerships
Police Stations
Beauty Schools
Technical Schools
High Schools
Colleges & Dorms
Medical Offices
Retirement Centers
Hotels (lobbies)
Ferry Terminals
Airport Terminals
Cruise Ship Facilities
Civic Centers
Court Houses
Mental Health Centers
Rehab Facilities
Exhibit Halls
Convention Centers
Post Offices
Take a few minutes and find out more about the vending machine business. If you have any
questions, please feel free to give us a call. We have years of experience in the vending industry
and work hard to help our clients become successful.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. In this volatile economic climate, just how "safe' is investing in the vending business?
(i.e.: success rate)
The vending business has a 90% success rate. There is virtually no overhead, i.e. advertising costs,
rent, employees to pay, etc. An excellent income can be maintained just by working a couple hours
a week.
2. How soon could I expect to see a financial return on my investment in the vending
Your return on investment is very fast. Once your vending machines are on location you can expect
a return immediately.
3. How will I know if the market is saturated in the area in which I am planning to locate
my vending machines?
Everyday there are hundreds of business's opening. There are always locations that can reap and
excellent income for the smaller to midsize vendor. The notion of the market being saturated is
merely a misconception. If the market is saturated there are many companies that provide inferior
service allowing you to go in with a proposal to keep the machines full and working. GOOD
4. Do you have refurbished or smaller vending machines for the investor whose funds are
somewhat limited?
Refurbished machines are excellent if you want to get larger soda or snack machines. Soda Vending
Online has an array of refurbished machines for people with limited incomes.
5. If in the future I decide not to stay in the vending business, would you buy back my
vending machines, or would you put me in contact with a party that would?
Soda Vending Online has a resale referral program, which allows the vendor to help sell his or her
route. Soda Vending Online will advertise the route and take 10% of the sale to cover advertising
costs. Some times your route may be sold within the first month of advertising using this method.
Established locations are in huge demand and can fetch anywhere from 75% to 150% of 1 years
gross sales depending on the type of equipment.
6. Where can I, as a first time small business owner, receive the advice and information
I will need in order to assure success?
Soda Vending Online is a twenty five year company, which has locating manuals, location contracts,
tax benefit brochures, and a customer service staff to assure the novice vendor success. Please feel
free to contact us with any questions you may have. We here to help.
7. If I plan on expanding my initial investment by purchasing more vending machines,
would I receive a discount or special consideration?
Soda Vending Online has special incentive programs and discounts for vendors that have purchased
from us before. We want you to be successful in this business so you keep coming back. When we
buy equipment at discounted prices we will extend those discounts to you.
Thinking about starting a vending business?
8. Are there any age restrictions to starting a vending business?
There are limited age restrictions. Some states require business owner to be 16 years of age. Other
states require the vendor to be at least 18 years of age. Please contact your county clerk's office for
more information.
9. Is this considered a form of "gambling" which may be prohibited in some states?
Vending machines are not gambling. As long as money is not exchanged with your customers it can
never be construed as gambling.
Why should you start your own vending machine business?
The answer is simple! A vending machine business is quite profitable. When you consider some of
the facts regarding the financial outcome of an average person's life in this country, which can be
pretty disturbing, it becomes even clearer. As an example, consider the following:
Vending Business - FACT 1
The Social Security Board reports that at age 65, 75% of Americans are dependent on family,
friends and charity; 23% of this group is still working and only 2% are financially independent. Your
decisions today determine where you will be tomorrow. People do not plan to fail as much as they
fail to plan. The vending machine business can help provide the extra income needed to make a
difference later in life!
Vending Business - FACT 2
For 98% of Americans, setting aside money is simply not convenient. This fact is responsible for 85
out of 100 Americans reaching 65 with only 1 in 500 having as much as $24,000. This is a sad
statistic for a country noted for the highest standard of living in history. The effect of your decision
today is magnified many times at retirement. However, the longer you put off taking care of your
future the less impact any decision will have. Consequently, you give the odds more time to stack
up against you.
Vending Business - FACT 3
On the flip side of those dire statistics, the Miami Herald writes: A small business investment beats
Wall Street and real estate. Eighty-nine percent of people in the 50% tax bracket or above are small
business owners. It is quite common for a person to invest $25,000 in a business and two years
later to be able to draw a $25,000 salary, plus show a profit of $25,000. The business is valued at
two to three times net and salary, or $100,000 to $151,000 depending on the type of business. In
addition, 400% to 500% return on investment is taxed at low capital gains rates.
Beat the odds with a vending machine business
There is nothing quite as exciting or challenging as working for you in your own vending machine
company. You make the decision and reap the benefits in accordance with your efforts, ideas,
commitment, learning curve, and performance. After all, according to the U.S. General Accounting
Office, 10,000 Americans achieved millionaire status in the last 12 months, and of those 99% were
small business owners!
With all this said, what's next? If you're interested in starting a vending machine business and
would like to talk to a knowledgeable vending professional, give us a call today! We'd be more than
happy to answer your questions about new, refurbished, or used vending machines, finding
locations for vending machines, or how you too can start making money today!

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